January 12, 2017

Bangkok, Thailand part 2

The last I visited Bangkok was in September 2013.
Thereafter, I have always wanted to go back but didn't have the chance.

Finally, went back there 2 weeks back and had a field day shopping hehe
I went with 1 bag and came back with 3 LOL

Stayed at Double Tree by Hilton, Sukhumvit

Can't stay in Thailand without Thai ice tea and coffee!

Sukhumvit is a high end area and it's where this huge mall Emporium is situated.
It's like Pavillion in KL.

Their Christmas deco were soo beautiful!!

In Emporium, you must visit the level which was decorated like a water garden.

The skyline of Bangkok.

We ate at Kub Kao Kub Pla, Emquartier

Tomyam soup!! Super yummy with it's blend of flavours.

Salted egg pork.

Can't live without my pad thai.


Second dessert haha. The pudding was so soft and creamy.

I absolutely recommend this place for awesome Thai food in a mall.

The next day, started off with breakfast in the hotel.

I am in love with the soup noodle.
I had that for 3 days straight LOL The broth was delish and spicy!

Spent the rest of the day at Platinum Mall.

I had the exact same thing at the exact same stall 3 years ago. I still remember this super tasty, super spicy instant noodle cooked by a store at the ground floor of Platinum Mall hehe
Still tasted as good!

My haul from Platinum!
I realised this time around, we didn't have much bargaining power. Because they are smarter by saying, the price is already discounted so take it or leave it. However, some clothes were still very cheap around RM15-30 per piece. I only bought what I really wanted this time because I don't want it to be wasted and regret not wearing if I buy too much out of impulse.

Walked too much til my leg felt so sore it needed some massage hehe

Thereafter, went to JJ night market at Chatuchak.

There was nothing much there so we ate, bought froyo and left hehe

The next day we were adventurous in taking public transport.
I have never taken so many train rides in another country before until this trip LOL. Because Sukhumvit is very jam, it was no use taking taxi, so we rather take the train which was way faster. And it's so convenient and easy and efficient.

Stopped by MBK mall which had nothing much so I suggest not to go there for shopping purposes.

Walked the street and found fried crab! I went ga-ga and bought it hehe
Costed RM12 and it's yummy!

Went to Chatuchak and had our dinner there

Pad Thai again

Tomyam again hehe

It's a must in Thailand as well as 7 Eleven food. I miss the food in Thailand!

Chatuchak's purchases.
In Chatuchak, the clothes are cheaper because it's a market. I could definitely find better and cheaper clothes there.

I would also suggest to go on Friday 6.30pm or later. Previously, I went on a Saturday morning and it was so hot, humid and stuffy. This time, at night, it was cool, breezy and less crowded because a lot of shops were closed. However, I found that the shops that were opened were sufficient and I was very happy with my purchases.

Although it seemed like I didn't shop as much this time however after packing, it still came to 3 bags LOL

We also experienced Tuk-Tuk on the last day.

And saw this sign at the back seat.
What does this mean? Don't fart? LMAO!!!

And it's time to go home!
Man, Suvarnabhumi airport was HUGE. Luckily, we checked in all our bags otherwise I would have died carrying all with me and walking in that airport.

Overall, it was a very good trip to start off 2017. Enjoyed myself so much with the shopping and eating and the company. Bangkok never disappoints <3

Til' the next shopping trip, Bangkok!

January 2, 2017

New Year 2017

The yearly New Year Eve's celebration is the hype among people whenever the time comes.

I feel not so young anymore HAHA
I mean I used to want to go to the heart of KL, the most happening place, to see fireworks, be with the crowds and celebrate New Year at the strike of midnight.

And if I'm not there, I'm not 'in' LOL
These days, all I want to do is just be somewhere not so crowded.
Crowd just scares me especially when it's rowdy, noisy and the pushing around.

I really love rooftops though. It's where you can see the fireworks the clearest, it's airy and it's a nice atmosphere. One new year's, we spent watching fireworks at Sunway Pyramid's rooftop, another time at Stratosphere, Bandar Utama and this time at One City, Subang.

But before that, dinner time at Friendscino, TREC KL.
It was crowded and we were lucky to get a table without reservations.

Mushroom soup

Spaghetti Bolgnese

BBQ Chicken wings.

The place was romantic and beautifully set-up, which is why I'm guessing people love the place because the food was so-so, nothing really spectacular. They had this platter though which comes with a small 'fireworks' everytime someone orders it. But it was too big to be shared between 2 people so we didn't order.

Overall, we knew TREC would be crowded towards midnight so we buzzed off before the crowd came in. We went to One City for the movie, The Great Wall!

It was a pretty good movie. Matt Damon surprises by acting in a movie with all Chinese haha It's Hollywood meets China. It's in English though with some dialogues in Mandarin but it's translated. It's the story of the legend of The Great Wall. Storyline was pretty simple so I won't spoil it by giving any away but very recommended by me. Don't need to use any brain juice, just enjoy watching hehe

Came out of the movie and the fireworks were over LOL But I heard this year, fireworks were not much anyway.

So, in 2016, I made a few resolutions and I am super glad that I managed to achieve 85% if it! I think I did pretty well in 2016 and things that I wanted, I achieved and thank God, mostly everything went well, with my career and relationships. I have also learnt many things, mostly people management and learnt how to deal with problems and solving them instead of blaming it on others. Of course, all these were not possible without my loved ones. They are my rock.

And also, I think last year I gained the most weight >.< No doubt, 2016 was the year I have been quite adventurous in the food department until I could even make a monthly blogpost out of it just about food hahaha There's no stopping it in 2017 I guess because I love food wayy too much! However, I am trying my best to exercise once a week from now onwards. I mean, if I can't eat less, at least I need my cardio to burn it off. I have been running once a week since the start of December 2016 and I am looking forward to making it my weekly routine for the whole 2017.

Travelling wise, I didn't manage to travel much in 2016 because I was handling and juggling many things which needed my presence here. I hope I could change that in 2017. I managed to go to Penang, SingaporeMalaccaIndia and lastly Koh Samui. I love to travel and I hope to visit more places in 2017.

Once again, just like last year, I have another very specific goal which I am looking forward to achieve. Also, I do feel more stable and know where I am and where I stand but then again, I suddenly felt like I came back to square one where I am torn between 2 crossroads. So this year is the year which I will decide which road to take. The road less taken, perhaps?

Many decisions to be made this year and hopefully by the end of 2017, I would come out of it making all the right decisions *crosses fingers and toes*

Finally, thanks to all of you, yes you, readers for supporting me all these while because without you, this blog would have been dead hehe

Happy New Year 2017 ya'll <3

December 31, 2016

December shenanigans

December was a rather busy month! In terms of work and also partying hahaa

Had lunch at Mezze and surprisingly Mezze was crowded during lunch time! Maybe it's because it's the festive season and everyone was in a party mood lol

Most unique part was eating Vietnamese Beef Noodles in Mezze. You would think that this western restaurant does not serve such stuff and that even turns out to be yummy!!
Was introduced by the client and the whole table were eating just this haha

The Bee, Jaya One

Their beef eggs benedict was really tummy filling. It was a good full portion with a lot of shredded beef and the eggs were runny just how I like it.

Their drinks!!
They can minus off the sponge cake and it would be perfect hehe

Slrup! Cafe, Three Two Square serves really unique dishes which I love about.

Do you know that this is a Maggi Murtabak?
It's like a burger but the bread is made from maggi.

The flour is filled with maggi goreng. Like really!
Surprisingly I love it! At first, I thought it would be weird but after eating, it tasted not bad and we even finished the whole dish!

This is the Japanese omurice. It's rice with omelette.
And the omelette is the specialty. Look at how it opened. Mmmm yummy!
We had it with tomyam fried rice. Two thumbs up!

Dessert at Standing Theory.

Fatbaby's Salted Caramel ice cream with a unique coffee drink, 'Qwik Fix'.

On the way to meet a client, stopped by Coffee Bean for a drink.
I think I still love Starbucks better.

Fei Fei Crab, PJ
How to end December without my fave crabs? Haha

Our dishes!! Delicious...

Salted egg crabs

Crabs with wine sauce

The Salted Egg one tasted much better though.

Snails! We love it.
Overall pricey so only once in a blue moon to enjoy haha

Four Fingers in Mid Valley.
I am a chicken wing person so this was a no brainer hehe

New Chapter by The Owls Cafe.

Toast bread with fruits and passion fruit drizzle.
Looks good and tasted good. Bread was so fluffy.

Their Milo Dinosaur waffle was a disappointment though.

Mixed berried Meringue from Alexis <3
Not cheap okay for just one slice of cake.

Another not cheap noodle but worth every RM30 of it haha
Ippudo at Bangsar Shopping Centre.
It's been a long time since I visited Ippudo so I just had to after a meet with client to satisfy my ramen cravings.

Christmas time!

Too cute to eat cakes from clients <3

A large fest in the office!
What did you do during Christmas?
Other than the usual tradition of going to church, all I did was eat eat and eat and drink LOL.
It's already December and my diet plan has not even kicked in #fail

Was around the corner so I stopped by Acme Bar & Coffee 

Had their Christmas limited edition pavlova <3
Wee! The berries really complemented the sweetness and I'm lovin' the matcha with lavender drink.

Hui Lau Shan's newest dessert menu.
Iced mango with coconut shavings. Very very refreshing!

BBQ pool party!

My friends can really cook!
Sorry I did not even contribute one bit LOL

Other than just eating, I pampered myself well too hahaha #taitailife #soontobe 

Facial with Murad!

Mani and pedi at Ricco Nail Beauty Spa, Kota Kemuning

Christmas nails!

We went to a play for the first time as well in PJ Live Arts, Jaya One.
Local production of Aladdin starring Rashid Salleh among others and produced by Tiara Jacquelina.

The play was really good and the kids actors were soo talented!
We were laughing all through the 2 hours.
Very impressed with our local play.

So, what's your New Year's plans?
I would also like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2017 and much success in the coming year filled with all good things to come.

Thank you always for the support <3