December 6, 2016

Playboy King and Queen of the Game

Playboy Fragrances Malaysia brings playfulness into the game of seduction with its new sexy range; the King and Queen of the Game.

Are you game?

Consisting of eau de toilette and deodorant spray, the range is an answer to young men wanting to make a leap from boy to men, as well as to bold young women who are not afraid to make the first move for what they want.

The King of the Game range, tailored for men, tease the senses with a cocktail of masculine and adventurous scents- blending lemon, cardamom and black pepper with addictive notes of black coffee, Granny Smith apple and Jagerbomb. Yet the boldness is balanced by a sweet but subtle tone of vanilla, cedar and patchouli.

In contrast, the Queen of the Game range is a composition of elegant floral notes.The sweet and vivacious combination of jasmine sambac and orange blossom is accentuated by passionflower, coffee foam and coffee absolute. Beneath the passionate scent, delicious notes of chocolate, Tonka bean, cedar and patchouli invites attraction.

The magnetic mix of scents is topped with the technological breakthrough of the King and Queen of the Game deodorant spray. Featuring the SkinTouch Innovation, the formula is designed to retain freshness and fragrance for 24 hours a day. When spraying the deodorant, the encapsulated fragrance beads contained in it are released onto skin and are reactivated throughout the day. When someone touches or caresses your skin, the friction tears the capsule and releases the scent within the bead. In other words, this products allows one to smell fantastic all day, especially during skin-on-skin interaction *laughs*

Other than unveiling its new fragrances, Playboy also crowned the winners for its King and Queen Challenge that ran in mid-October. The contest featured videos detailing situations that requires one to stand out among others to win the hearts of an attractive stranger.

Michelle Chua Khit Yeng came out winner for Queen of the Game.

Muhammad Taufiq Firdausi came out tops for King of the Game.

Both won a brand new iphone 7(made everyone jealous!), a makeover session and a feature on the Playboy Fragrances Malaysia Facebook.

 Get your hands on Playboy's King and Queen of the Game at major stores and pharmacies nationwide. The King of the Game eau de toilette retails at RM39.90 while the Queen of the Game retails at RM42.90. Both deodorants are priced at RM18.90.

The Queen hehe

December 2, 2016

November adventures

November started off pretty well with good food and drinks and well, it's coming to the end of the year, so it's the jolly good mood of festivities =)

It's that time where I go on full fledged eating and diet is out of the window.
This is a lengthy post so be forewarned and don't blame me when your tummy growls hehehe

First time trying out Kai's Plato and it's one of a kind with the 'steamboat' pot with layers. The last layer was the best with seafood broth and it's the perfect ending of the night.

Look at that! Salivating while I am writing this hehe

They also have this concept like "Shell Out'.

Overall, I was overloaded with seafood hehe

Next up is wine dinner at Eight Gourmets Gala
Personalised card on my seat. Such a sweet gesture.

The starter made an impact with a HUGE oyster.

Too bad the rest of the night the food was a bit disappointing and service was below par for such an event.

The most talked about dish was this variation of cheese.
Each person got one whole plate of seriously, who in the world can finish the entire plate by themselves? The blue cheese's foul smell was enough to put me off and everyone else pretty much left the plate untouched. So much cheese wasted -__-

Caffe Bene had this melon special and how are we not try this!

Super yummylicious! Pricey but yummy haha

Go Getter cafe:

Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal waffle!

Unique and it doesn't taste weird. It tasted really good! Especially when the egg yolk touches the ice cream and it's frozen and crunchy ^^

Couldn't resist to hop over to The Owl's cafe for some dessert

We saw this tau foo fah cheesecake and we just had to try it hehe
It's super soft, creamy and cheesy and it's not so sweet.

Dalmore whisky tasting.

Good stuff!

Had it at Brotzeit, Mid Valley and we had the pork platter


What's a good dinner without desserts? I had FIVE of these...yes, I am a dessert queen HAHA

Did you know that at Tapak Urban Street Dining, there's a huge carpark converted for a place for food trucks to sell food at night?

If you love food truckers, you should check this place out!
So many different food trucks all in one place at KL, Jalan Ampang.

And it was Friyay and my sweet assistant got me one while I was in and out of meetings =)

I am such a dessert lover so my boss got me this Sangkaya Chokoko tub ice cream for the weekend hehe

Went out for lunch the other day and came across this and bought 2 boxes of Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart for the firm. Everyone loved it!

Ok digress...I was actually searching for circus to watch. I wanted to re-live my childhood where I really love circus shows hehe

Ended up, found out this Great British Circus were doing their tour and bought the tickets immediately.

Went for the show in Kepong and it was rather cheap at RM80 for VIP seat.

You thought one was good...

Try three layers!

The acts were quite impressive.


Walking on rope

The motorcycle stunts were deathly and jaw dropping!

Oh, I also went shopaholic crazy during the Padini 3 days sale.
My goodness the queue was crazy long but yet there were so many people buying and I was one of the crazy ones hehe

Total damage = RM49X.XX

Have to eat maggi mee everyday now LOL

Or use my buy 1 free 1 vouchers more often for cheaper deals from The Entertainer Malaysia

Shared the voucher with my BFF and she went to Delicious and got some really delicious main courses hehe

Carbonara with seaweed egg

BBQ Beef Ribs.

Buy 1 free 1 so only RM34.50 for both! Super worth it me thinks and she said it tasted good and I believed her looking at the piccies hehe

I myself went to Black Markets, Main Place and used it for carbonara and nasi goreng sambal.

Plus we addedd salmon sushi for sides.

Didn't manage to take a pic of the carbonara because we were too hungry hahaha

Also, used it at Ante, Publika.

Bacon slices with mash potato. Gosh! The mash potato was sooo delish!

My BBQ pork ribs. I finished this all by myself and wiped the plate clean LOL
Yes, it was that good hehe

Have you made plans for Christmas?
If not, why don't drop by Utara Coffee House at the Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel for a sumptuous meal on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Beauutifullll set up!
 I can just hear Christmas carols in my head right now

This is so yummers I wish I could have more hehe
Fresh and perfect with the garnish on top.

Lobster platter combination consist of lobster slices, tiger prawns, smoked salmon ceviche with avocado, cilantro and asparagus with salad.

Another favourite!
New England Clam Chowder. Generous amount of clam in it!

Roast Duck Roulade with Apple Cider Drizzle

Succulent roast leg of lamb which goes well with its side..


Roasted Tom Turkey with Chestnut, Tong Kwai and Dried Fruit and Bread stuffing

I wanted to bring this entire cheese mash potato back hehe because it's sooo delish!

Brussel Sprouts! I love these babies hehe

Crab Cannelloni 

No dinner is done without desserts hehe

There were a few hits and misses I must say. I would definitely go for the lobsters haha because I am such a seafood person ^^

It's reasonably priced at:

Christmas Eve Buffet dinner with live music performance
6.30pm - 10pm
RM88+ adult
RM62+ Sr Citizen
RM44+ Child

Hi- Tea Buffer
12 noon - 4pm
RM75+ Adult
RM55+ Sr. Citizen
RM33+ Child